The Time Patrol is a group of warriors gathered by Future Trunks in order to help stop the Time Breakers and prevent them from interfering with time. The team is under the command of the Supreme Kai of Time, and is led by Future Trunks. Accordingly to Xenoverse games, their base resides in Toki Toki City, and later in Conton City. This group is featured in the computer game Dragon Ball Online, the console games Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2.

History Edit

The act of using a Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe. The Lord of Time gave Future Trunks a stern warning for his actions, even if they were for the protection of Earth's peace. Afterwards, in order to redeem his wrong actions, Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol to correct the distortion of history. After the Lord of Time forewarned Future Trunks of Mira's intentions to spread chaos throughout time and space, Future Trunks travels to Age 1000 in order to find allies and prevent Towa and Mira's plans, thus debuting the story of Dragon Ball Online.

Several unnamed characters of the game's three playable races (Human, Namekian, and Majin) have been used in promotional work for Dragon Ball Online. Most commonly in cinematic trailers, although some have appeared in other official media related to the game, like the characters that were used to promote the game's beta phase. The second group of heroes were presented in the game's second cinematic trailer to promote the game's open beta phase in May 2010. None of the promotional characters are named, have received spoken line, or appear in the actual game if not created as avatars for the player.

The Time Patrol venture between their present time of Age 1000 and the past of the Dragon Ball series, in the past they stop the Time Breakers from messing up the events of the Vegeta Saga and the Frieza Saga. In the present they fight and defeat the Red Pants Army, the Paella Gang, the Evil Namekians, the remnants of Frieza's Galactic Frieza Army, and the Time Breaker Bio-Androids.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Future Trunks summons Shenron in Toki Toki City's Plaza of Time in Age 850 to wish for Shenron to summon a warrior capable of defending all of time. Shenron summons the Future Warrior and after a brief test of the Warrior's combat skills by Future Trunks, he explains they have been transported to Toki Toki City and Trunks introduces himself as a member of the Time Patrol and asks if they are willing to join in defending history. The Lord of Time's identity is revealed to be the Supreme Kai of Time, a female Kaioshin who guards the Time Vault located inside the Time Nest, living there with her pet bird Tokitoki who possesses the power to create time.

The Warrior assists Future Trunks in fighting various villains throughout history that have been empowered and manipulated by Dark Magic. It is later revealed that the Time Breakers, Towa and Mira are trying to alter history by using the empowered villains. As a result of the Time Breakers' actions the barrier separating the Crack of Time from the rest of the Universe begins to weaken allowing the Demon God Demigra (who had been sealed there by the Supreme Kai of Time 75 million years earlier) to send mirages of himself to cause more distortions in order to drill a hole in the Crack of Time allowing him to escape. Demigra later escapes, attacks Toki Toki City and consumes Tokitoki to gain power over time & space, but is later defeated by the Future Warrior. The Time Patrol is more diverse in Xenoverse featuring members of several races such as Humans, Saiyans, Namekians, Majin, and even members of Frieza's race. Members of the Time Patrol are capable of using two means of time travel; the first is the Scroll of Eternity used for Time Patrol Missions and the second are Time Machines docked in Toki Toki City's Time Machine station that are used for Parallel Quests. The Time Machines used by the Time Patrol were specially designed by Future Trunks' Capsule Corporation under the direction of the Supreme Kai of Time. These Time Patrol sanctioned Time Machines do not create alternate timelines and thus do not produce time distortions as Future Bulma's Time Machine did. In addition to sanctioned Time Machines, the Capsule Corporation provides all sorts of technology (Capsule Houses/Shops, capsules/items, robots, Clothing/Armor, Scouters, etc.) for the Time Patrol and the Supreme Kai of Time (due to her interest in technology).

At some point in between Age 850 and Age 852, Toki Toki City became overrun with time rifts and the Supreme Kai of Time was forced to hire more Time Patrols to deal with them. She also recruited Elder Kai to assist with training new recruits and help her with administrative duties, as Future Trunks and their now legendary were busy trying to track down Towa and Mira who remained at large. During this time a rumor began spreading around town about how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai actually were. Hearing these rumors both Elder Kai and Chronoa decided to demonstrate their power to put the rumors to rest. Chronoa used her power on the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue, causing it to move as if it were alive. However Chronoa did not expect it to cause the dragon to grow so large that it pushed Toki Toki City over the edge, turning the City into ruins. The Supreme Kai of Time decided it would be quicker to build a new city over the ruins of the old one, and thus Conton City was built in its place. Additionally, to avoid attacks like Demigra's, Chronoa and Elder Kai erected a powerful barrier around Conton City and the Time Nest for increased security. Meanwhile the dragon Chronoa created was moved to float in the sky north of Conton City. Eventually the number of time rifts decreased and many Time Patrollers lost their focus, some of them even starting the Nutz Gang which would extort money from other Time Patrollers in Mushroom Desert.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a new Future Warrior is selected by Chronoa from to protect history as Future Trunks and his legendary partner,Ace are still busy tracking down Towa and Mira who have been recruiting villains from different timelines, making tracking them down more difficult due to the number of time distortions. At the suggestion of Elder Kai, Chronoa chooses a new cadet in whom Elder Kai saw great potential. After introducing the recruit to the basics of Time Patrols and Parallel Quests, the new Future Warrior begins fixing history that had been changed by Turles and Lord Slug. After confronting both villains who are forced to flee when Future Trunks and Ace arrive to assist. When Turles appears on Namek and gives Burter and Jeice Fruit of the Tree of Might that had been amplified by the effects of Demon Realm, Future Trunks is caught in one of Towa trap's while following Ginyu and has his body stolen forcing the Future Warrior and Goku to battle Ginyu in Future Trunks' body. Eventually Trunks manages to undo the switch and returns to his body, while Turles aids Ginyu in stealing Goku's body. Goku manages to return to his original body and Turles flees. Later while protecting Nail from Dark Frieza, the Future Warrior learns that Turles and Slug are after the Namekian Dragon Balls and is forced to return to the Time Nest to travel further back to stop them from using the Dragon Balls. Confronted by the Future Warrior once more Slug & Turles consume the enhanced Fruit of the Tree of Might, however they discover that Towa had tainted it causing them to swell with dark energy. Towa and Mira show eventually themselves, causing Trunks to order Ace to go after Mira while he aids the Future Warrior in dealing with Turles and Slug who are powered up even more after Towa shaves off some of their life force. Trunks and the Future Warrior defeat the villains with a combined Burning Attack & Energy Wave team attack. Later during Super Saiyan Goku's battle with Frieza, Cooler appears to aid his brother, revealing Towa had enabled him to bend time and space to aid his brother in killing Goku. Fortunately the Future Warrior was already present and managed to defeat Cooler, allowing Goku to continue fighting Frieza alone after his son, friends, and the Namekians were transported to Earth by Porunga. After Frieza and Cooler are defeated, back at the Time Nest Chronoa reveals that Tokitoki is about to lay an egg soon which contain the time for a new universe and is forced to leave things up to the Warrior and Elder Kai, so she can fulfil her duties as Tokitoki's caretaker. When Elder Kai can't find Trunks, he asks the Future Warrior to search for him and they find him inside the Time Vault looking at the scroll for Age 780 of his timeline, the year when Future Gohan died causing Future Trunks to transform into a Super Saiyan. Trunks notices the Warrior and talks briefly about his past, before suddenly the Time Scroll he was examining shows a history change. Trunks is forced to leave fixing it to the Future Warrior as it is dangerous for Trunks to go to that period in history himself. The Future Warrior discovers that Towa had reactivated Future Android 16 and sent him to kill Future Gohan before his death at the hands of Future 17 and 18. The Future Warrior and Gohan manage to defeat the Android, only for Mira to appear to eliminate Gohan himself. Realizing they are no match for Mira and determined not to set by and watch his master be killed Trunks defies Chronoa and travels to Age 780 joining Gohan and the Future Warrior in their battle against Mira. Gohan is surprised to see the adult Trunks but decides to leave explanations for later. The three of them manage to overwhelm Mira, causing him to flee in frustration. Future Gohan and Trunks talk afterwards and Gohan concludes that Future Bulma's Time Machine is responsible of adult Future Trunks' presence. Seeing his master in the flesh after all this time, causes Trunks to seriously consider altering history to prevent Gohan's death, despite the consequences and pleas of Chronoa not to. However Future Gohan manages to deduce from Trunks' demeanor that he is fated to die and that Trunks will eventually defeat the Androids after he dies. Gohan makes up his mind and decides to go to his death willingly and with the help of the Future Warrior convinces Trunks to allow history to happen as it should. Back at the Time Nest Trunks watches Gohan's heroic sacrifice as the Future Warrior, Chronoa, and Elder Kai watch on from a balcony inside the Time Vault so as to give Trunks some space. Later they discover Future 16 has been repaired by Towa and has been sent to kill Trunks' younger self as he is returning to his Timeline following the Cell Games. The Future Warrior joins Trunks' younger self in fighting Future 16 and Future Perfect Cell who arrives shortly afterwards, but they are defeated. In Age 767, Towa uses her magic to empower Imperfect Cell allowing him to defeat 16 and absorb both 17 & 18 at the same time, bypassing his Semi-Perfect form and transforming directly into his Perfect form, which Trunks surmises could prevent the Cell Games from happening. The Future Warrior is sent to stop this and manages to restore history. However Trunks examines the scrolls and discovers a change where Mira enters the Cell Games. Trunks and the Future Warrior travel back in time to prevent Mira from reaching the Cell Games Arena just as Goku and Cell are about to fight. Eventually Towa appears and it is revealed Mira was just buying her time to enact her latest plan. Future Trunks sends the Warrior to makes sure Towa's plans for the Cell Games do not succeed. The Future Warrior is eventually confronted by Metal Coolers that came from New Namek through a Wormhole. After defeating the Metal Coolers, the Warrior travels through the wormhole to assist Future Trunks in stopping the Metal Coolers. Trunks manages to hack into the Big Gete Star and causes it to self-destruct. The Warrior then returns to the Cell Games just as Cell revives from his self-destruction and aids Gohan, allowing him to kill Cell using the Father-Son Kamehameha restoring the timeline. In Age 774, the Future Warrior is sent to stop Supervillain Broly from interfering with Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight, as well as Majin Vegeta's attempt to kill Majin Buu with the Final Explosion, causing Vegeta to thank the Warrior for allowing him to fight Goku without interference before sending them and Piccolo away with Goten and Kid Trunks (which Future Trunks witnesses and is proud to see how much his father had changed for the better). The Warrior is later sent to aid Gotenks and Piccolo against Super Buu after their escape from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The Warrior holds Super Buu off long for Ultimate Gohan to arrive. However Future Trunks reveals that something in Hell is preventing Vegeta from returning to the world of the living. The Warrior arrives in Hell and finds Supervillain Janemba has defeated Future Trunks who tried to stop the monster from preventing his father's fusion with Goku. The Future Warrior fights Janemba and is eventually joined by Vegeta, who manages to kill Janemba with a Final Flash after he had been weakened by the Future Warrior. During the final battle with Kid Buu, the Future Warrior joins Goku and Vegeta in combating the Majin who transforms into the Supervillain state through Towa's meddling. After a long fought battle, Kid Buu is destroyed by the Super Spirit Bomb and history is restored. As the Future Warrior watches Hercule congratulate Goku and Vegeta from afar, Chronoa informs them that Trunks has finally woken up after recovering from his fight with Janemba. Trunks informs them that their was another enemy with Janemba and that he may be near by. The Future Warrior spots the mysterious Masked Saiyan and chases after him. Just as they catch him, the two of them are transported to Age 778 right in the middle of the final phase of Goku's battle with God of Destruction Beerus, enraging Beerus due to the sudden interruption. While Chronoa and Elder Kai explain the situation to Beerus, the Future Warrior faces the Masked Saiyan who Trunks finds looks oddly familiar. Eventually, the Warrior defeats the Saiyan, who's mask breaks revealing his identity as Bardock. Before the Warrior can capture him, Mira appears and challenges the Warrior one more time, even telling Beerus to be quiet sit back and watch, which Beerus agrees to due to not having encountered someone willing enough to talk back to him. However eventually Beerus loses his patience and declares his intentions to kill them all.. However Chronoa sends in her trump card, a box full of pudding which pleases Lord Beerus. Beerus offers some to Mira who leaves with Bardock, considering the kind gesture a buzz kill. As Beerus and Goku eat the pudding, Whis asks to join in but stops when Chronoa reveals she made it herself, aware of her terrible cooking skills. However it is too later for Goku and Beerus who had already eaten some and are immediately sicken. Goku is put out of action as a result and Beerus is furious, forcing Whis and the Warrior to subdue him. During the battle, Whis is impressed by the Warrior's skill and power, even asking if they would like to be the next God of Destruction, only for Chronoa to yell at him for trying to stealing Time Patrol personnel. Eventually Beerus relaxes and Goku's stomach cramps subside. Worn out, Beerus and Whis return home leaving Earth in peace and Goku thanks the Warrior for their help. Trunks, Chronoa, Elder Kai come to the conclusion that Towa is collecting energy from the fights in order to collect enough to destroy the barrier between their world and the Demon Realm. They also notice that Ace has yet to return and can't contact them. In Age 779, Towa uses her dark magic to empower Frieza and his army during his revenge against Goku. The Warrior fights alongside the Z Fighters and Jaco against Frieza's men, to buy Goku and Vegeta time to arrive. Goku and Vegeta finally arrive via Instant Transmission and Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, causing Frieza to transform into Golden Frieza. The Future Warrior aids Goku in battling Frieza who is stronger as he had trained more than he did in the original history. Meanwhile, the Time Nest's communications with the Warrior are disrupted which Trunks attributes to the amount of power generated by Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan Blue Goku causing interference. Whis and Beerus arrive to eat the strawberry sundae Bulma promised them and Whis notices that someone else has been resurrected as well, as he senses someone with a power very similar to Frieza is nearby. They find that it is none other than Frieza's brother Cooler, who has been resurrected as Metal Cooler. Metal Cooler reveals that he was revived using a second wish which had originally been wasted by the Pilaf Gang before Towa altered history. Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to take on Metal Cooler alongside the Future Warrior, while Goku deals with Golden Frieza. Eventually, Whis and Beerus are contacted by Chronoa, who informs them that Towa and Mira are attacking the Time Nest and convinces him to come help by bribing him with cream puffs which she claims were made by Trunks. Just as Goku is about to finish off Frieza, Frieza uses his Earth Breaker to destroy the Earth which kills Goku and his friends who had been saved by Whis' intervention in the original timeline. Fortunately, Trunks arrives just in time to transport the Warrior back to Age 852, where they learn that Towa had managed to hack the Time Nest's communications and impersonated Chronoa to trick Beerus and Whis to leave Age 779, preventing Whis from lending aid to Goku and his friends. Beerus is outraged at being tricked and wishes to destroy Towa for her blasphemy. Chronoa suggests she might show if they fix the change in Age 779, so Beerus and Whis return with the Future Warrior and Whis uses Temporal Do-Over to rewind time, allowing the Warrior to stop Frieza's attack and save the Earth. This forces Golden Frieza and Metal Cooler to transform into their Supervillain states. However they are defeated by the combined might of Goku, Vegeta, and the Warrior. However Beerus is furious when Towa fails to show and wishes to vent his frustration. When Chronoa reveals Tokitoki has just laid his egg, Whis objects to Beerus destroying the Time Nest and at first suggests resealing Elder Kai in the Z Sword, but eventually ops to spar with both Beerus and the Future Warrior. During the battle Whis manages to draw his symbol on Beerus' forehead causing Beerus to leave to wash it off, leaving the Warrior to spar with Whis alone. After besting Whis, Beerus decides to leave Towa to the Time Patrol, though he is still annoyed over Whis drawing on his face which he had been unable to wash off. Trunks and the Future Warrior renew their effort to find Mira and Towa, but they have strangely go quiet. They decide to switch tactics and try to locate Bardock who they believe Towa brainwashed to serve her and Mira. They travel to Age 737, where they witness Bardock being sucked into a wormhole and watch as Mira and Towa appear and chase after them. In Age ???, the find Earth in ruins and under the control of Mira and Towa. Towa from their time appears and Trunks charges at her only to be blocked by the brainwashed Bardock. Towa reveals that it took a lot of trouble capturing Bardock and states they barely caught him after he lost control and ran away into the distant past (presumably resulting in his battle with Chilled on Planet Plant). Towa claims that she is doing Bardock a favor by saving his life and hits a nerve when she poses the question if Trunks had ever wanted to save a loved one who was destined to die, referring to Future Gohan. Eventually, Mira appears and joins the fray. Towa comments on the amount of energy possessed by the Warrior and Trunks would be fitting to break the barrier on the Demon Realm and expresses her desire to see the Universe consumed by its evil. However Towa is shocked when the Future Warrior starts to overpower Mira despite her measurements showing Mira was be stronger, which Mira attributes to the unexplained power he had noticed in both Bardock and Ace, vowing to overcome it and make it his own. However the Future Warrior and Trunks defeat Mira and Bardock, removing the mind control. However Towa uses her magic to create a wormhole to pull them into the space between dimensions, despite Mira's objections. Fortunately, Bardock blasts Trunks and the Warrior away just in time. He then traps Mira with a Full-Nelson and despite Mira's efforts he is unable to shake Bardock. Bardock dodges an attack from Towa while still holding Mira and vows to have his revenge on Mira for manipulating him and tells him never to underestimate a Saiyan's power as he pulls Mira into the Wormhole. Trunks tells Towa its over and that she has lost, only for her to literally reveal her Ace in the hole, Trunks' brainwashed partner, Ace. Forced to fight their friend and Towa, the Future Warrior and Trunks focus on breaking Towa hold over them and manage to free them. However Towa decides restart with a clear slate and alters history causing Ace to fade from existence, effecting even the residents of Conton City including Trunks, Chronoa, Elder Kai, and the Warrior, though they retain a lingering feeling that something is wrong and Chronoa decides to check the scrolls.

After looking at the mask Ace was wearing, Trunks remembers him, then finds the scroll of Age 850, which reveals what happened: Towa had travelled there and destroyed Shenron before Trunks could make the wish that summoned Ace. The Future Warrior is sent there to stop Towa from interfering and correct history. The Future Warrior drives off Towa and returns to the present, only for her to storm the Time Nest and steal Tokitoki's egg. At that time, Mira manages to escape from his wormhole prison and attempts to kill the Future Warrior, only for Ace to intervene. Towa and Mira escape into the wormhole, with the Future Warrior in pursuit.

They end up in Age ??? again, where the Future Warrior battles Mira. Seeing that Mira is overloading and risking destroying the entire timeline around them, Towa sides with the Future Warrior to try to stop Mira. However, Mira betrays and absorbs both Towa and Tokitoki's egg, transforming into his Final Form. Old Kai tries to tell the Future Warrior to retreat, but then Goku arrives, courtesy of Whis. Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form and fights alongside the Future Warrior against Final Form Mira.

Eventually, Goku spots an opening and attacks Mira with Dragon Fist, reclaiming Tokitoki's egg in the process. With Tokitoki's egg out of harm's way, the Future Warrior proceeds to finish Mira with a Super Kamehameha, destroying Mira (and Towa) once and for all. With the major threat to history finally dealt with, Goku and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest. A celebratory banquet is then held after Chronoa wishes for enough food to satisfy everyone from Shenron.

Members (Dragon Ball Online) Edit

This section lists the different promotional heroes used as Time Patrol members in trailers for the computer game. All the Human and Majin characters are listed with their gender first, their class, and then a numeral if there is another similar character. Note that Namekians are a genderless species.

Dragon Ball Online's Promotional Heroes (Beta Phase) Edit

A group of characters introduced in Dragon Ball Online's first cinematic trailer. They are a group of friends that travel and fight in companionship, and although they possess considerable knowledge of martial arts and ki control, they are often seen running from minor conflict, like rampaging dinosaurs. Nothing is known about their conquest, though they are seen discovering a Dragon Ball, and later, travel into the past to aid Goku during his initial confrontation with Vegeta.

Their primary role is in the first promotional video, although they appear again in the second. In this one, the group is seen running away from yet another dinosaur. But just then, the second group of promotional heroes appear and rescue them. The beta phase promotional heroes are once again seen with members of the open-beta heroes, where they cheer on the Unnamed Martial Artist (2) and Unnamed Dark Warrior at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Male Martial Artist (1) Edit

The Human leader and presumably the strongest of the first five promotional heroes. It can be concluded by his clothing and fighting ability that he is a Martial Artist. In appearance, he is a Goku archetype and has similar qualities; reluctance to the Unnamed Spiritualists' affection (like Goku's initial relationship with Chi-Chi), a similar orange fighting gi though lacking a kanji and instead customized with a black shirt, boots, and gloves. The Martial Artists' facial features are calm and also similar to Goku's. The only major difference in their appearing is two characters is their hair color and style of hair. Because he is a Martial Artist, he may know trademark techniques such as the Wolf Fang Fist and Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper, although he is never seen performing them.

He is first seen in the beta phase's promotional video, where he is seen reading a book (possibly Groundbreaking Science) under a tree before he is joined by his four friends.

Female Spiritualist (1) Edit

The only female heroine to travel with the first group of promotional characters. Judging by her clothing, it is quite likely that she is a Spiritualist. The Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1) is hinted to be her love interest, though he fails to return her affection. Although she appears with her team throughout both of the first two videos, she is only seen fighting when she trips a dazed dinosaur with a powerful kick. If in fact a Spiritualist, she may know signature attacks like the Kamehameha, Dodon Ray, Spirit Ball, Scattering Bullet, and Destructo Disk, however she has not performed any of these techniques.

Male Martial Artist (Child) Edit

A Human child traveling in the company of the first group of promotional characters. In appearance, he is an exact copy of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1)'s character model, except that this Martial Artist is notably much younger. He is generally depicted as mischievous and excitable. He is only seen fighting during a team attack with his comrades, which he initiates with a hurled Ki Blast that dazes the dinosaur. Although the Ki Blast did no apparent damage to their enemy, the clearing smoke allowed the Unnamed Female Spiritualist (1) and Unnamed Martial Artist (Child) to deliver powerful physical attacks, followed by a finishing attack from their leader.


  • Ki blast – The most basic form of an energy attack, which is generated in the user's palm. His ki energy is yellow and hurled over-head at a dinosaur; causing no damage but dazing him just long enough for his team members to finish it off. Like the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1), he uses a yellow ki sphere. However, most if not all Martial Artist ki attacks are blue.

Dragon Clan Edit

An adult Namekian and a Dende archetype that serves as his team's supporter/healer, and is quite possibly at his core class like the rest of the members of his team, making him a Dragon Clan. He is one of the two Namekians on his team. He appears to be rather nonchalant under most circumstances, and is always alongside his friends and teammates in their every appearance. During the first cinematic trailer for the game, he is shown giving his teammate, the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1), an unknown boost in power before the Martial Artist is seen jumping through the air to deliver a powerful finishing blow to the dinosaur. As a Dragon Clan, he may know the Antenna Beam and a series of healing waves.

Child Warrior Edit

A child Namekian that is shown with the first group of the promotional characters. Like the Unnamed Dragon Clan, he is shown to be calm, but quite aggressive in combat despite his young age. He is commonly seen alongside the Unnamed Martial Artist (Child) and his other friends. His young age and the fact that the other members of his team are in their starting classes, it is assumed that he is a Warrior-type Namekian, simply called Warrior in Dragon Ball Online. He fights only when he appears from out of the smoke of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (Child)'s ki attack, and delivers a strike to a large dinosaur's head. Because he is a Warrior class Namekian, he may know Masenko, Mystic Attack, and Special Beam Cannon, though he is never seen performing any of these attacks.

Dragon Ball Online's Promotional Heroes (Open Beta) Edit

The second group of promotional heroes are a group of considerably powerful warriors allied together. Almost nothing is known about the group, much like the first. Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) and Unnamed Dark Warrior are believed to be the strongest, and have an apparent rivalry as shown through the tension prior to their fight at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

In events leading up to the World Martial Arts Tournament, the five heroes rescue the first group of promotional heroes from a charging dinosaur.

Male Martial Artist (2) Edit

The Human leader of the second group of promotional heroes. Compared to the first leader, who often relies on using team attacks with his comrades or simply running away from conflict, this Martial Artist is more battle-hardened and far more brave. He has the unique ability to become a Super Saiyan which he is seen using only in his fight against Unnamed Dark Warrior at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Judging by this ability, he clearly has the required level of skill to take on an optional master class for the Martial Artist class (Sword Master or Fighter), yet the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) does not wield any type of weapon. Therefore, it is concluded that he is a Martial Artist just like the first promotional group's leader.

Dark Warrior Edit

A Namekian whose power is equivalent to that of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) and could be thought of as his rival in power, as shown through the tension between the two fighters at the World Martial Arts Tournament. He can be classified as a Dark Warrior, one of two Warrior master classes; evident through his use of the Hellzone Grenade technique. When facing the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the Dark Warrior uses a Power Up characterized by electricity, purple aura, and red eyes. He uses this in retaliation to the Martial Artist's Super Saiyan transformation, therefore it can be concluded that this unknown transformation is equivalent in power. In addition to Hellzone Grenade, Unnamed Dark Warrior also knows the basic form of Ki blast, has the ability to fly, and the Namekian ability to stretch his arm limbs (Mystic Attack).

Sword Master Edit

A Human swordsman that travels alongside the second group of promotional heroes. Through his use of a sword, it is evident that he is a Sword Master, one of two Martial Artist master classes. Also, he may be a practitioner of the Kikoukenjutsu sword principle, which emphasizes on manipulating ki through swords. His hairstyle is notably similar to Future Trunks' after his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, except brown.

Female Spiritualist (2) Edit

A Human female that travels in the company of the second group of promotional heroes. It isn't evident which combat class she belongs.

Mighty Majin Edit

The only Majin promotional hero. He travels in the company of the second group. His gender is only confirmed by the fact that he has a fat body like Majin Buu, which has been stated to be a male trait for Majins.

Members Edit


Main Members Edit

  1. Chronoa (Founder/Commander-&-Chief)
  2. Xeno Future Trunks (Founder/Field Commander/Elite Time Patroller)
  3. Elder Kai (Instructor/Base Commander)
  4. Xeno Goku 
  5. Xeno Vegeta
  6. Xeno Bardock
  7. Xeno Gohan
  8. Xeno Goten
  9. Future Warrior (Legendary Elite Time Patroller)
  10. Future Warrior 2 (Elite Time Patroller)
  11. Percel - A Frieza Clansman.
  12. Jierra - A Frieza Clansman.
  13. Tokitoki (Mascot/Pet)

Fused Members Edit

  1. Xeno Vegeks
  2. Xeno Gotenks
  3. Xeno Gohanks
  4. Xeno Gogeta
  5. Xeno Vegito

Minor Members Edit

  1. Cloke - A male Earthling.
  2. Hakusa - A female Saiyan.
  3. Hokee - A Capsule Corp robot.
  4. Reso - A Frieza Clansman.
  5. Amura - A female Earthling.
  6. Imai - A Namekian.
  7. Garid - A Capsule Corp robot.
  8. Ziko - A male Earthling.
  9. Goma - A male Majin.
  10. Hilack - A female Majin.
  11. Hyoh - A Frieza Clansman.
  12. Tion - A Frieza Clansman.
  13. Ratts - A Frieza Clansman.
  14. Draya - A Frieza Clansman.
  15. Maina - A Frieza Clansman.
  16. Rikoh - A Frieza Clansman.
  17. Samuu - A Frieza Clansman. (Elite Patroller)
  18. Bulga - A Frieza Clansman.
  19. Blizza - A Frieza Clansman.
  20. Metats - A Frieza Clansman.
  21. Funami - A Frieza Clansman.
  22. Sherbet - A Frieza Clansman.
  23. Kate - A female Earthling.
  24. Harry - A male Earthling.
  25. Tennile - A male shapeshifter.
  26. Nema - A female shapeshifter.
  27. Mefla - A Namekian.
  28. Umiu - A Namekian.
  29. Recon - A male Earthling.
  30. Kurimiga - A Namekian. (Elite Patroller)
  31. Shokaku - A Namekian.
  32. Tsuburi - A Namekian.
  33. Nororo - A Namekian.
  34. Numeru - A Namekian.
  35. Piflam - A Namekian.
  36. Raken - A Namekian.
  37. Saria - A Namekian.
  38. Skid - A Namekian.
  39. Large - A Namekian.
  40. Maniga - A Namekian.
  41. Margri - A Namekian.
  42. Milga - A Namekian.
  43. Tanee - A Namekian.
  44. Topaz - A Namekian.
  45. Okto - A Namekian.
  46. Saim - A male Majin.
  47. Risuigo - A male Majin. (Elite Patroller)
  48. Bentora - A male Majin.
  49. Chosuke - A male Majin.
  50. Choi - A male Majin.
  51. Hatta - A male Majin.
  52. Dekeit - A male Majin.
  53. Dosco - A male Majin.
  54. Gejum - A male Majin.
  55. Manda - A male Majin.
  56. Niccimo - A male Majin.
  57. Nokota - A male Majin.
  58. Kolash - A male Majin.
  59. Wachoo - A male Majin.
  60. Uzum - A Warrior-type Namekian.
  61. Yoid - A male Majin.
  62. Gaccho - A male Majin.
  63. Wabara - A female Majin.
  64. Punohsa - A female Majin. (Elite Patroller)
  65. Ein - A female Majin.
  66. Dodo - A female Majin.
  67. Kunal - A female Majin.
  68. Enyah - A female Majin.
  69. Kikiri - A female Majin.
  70. Nanmai - A female Majin.
  71. Magica - A female Majin.
  72. Mendo - A female Majin.
  73. Kyume - A female Majin.
  74. Howatah - A female Majin.
  75. Cocresa - A female Majin.
  76. Sumutocco - A female Majin.
  77. Quincy - A female Majin.
  78. Yosoro - A female Majin.
  79. Roim - A female Majin.
  80. Nira - A male Saiyan.
  81. Kabu - A male Saiyan.
  82. Saimo - A male Saiyan. (Elite Patroller)
  83. Solani - A male Saiyan.
  84. Basil - A male Saiyan.
  85. Yasshimo - A male Saiyan.
  86. Yago - A male Saiyan.
  87. Bisuna - A female Saiyan.
  88. Risello - A female Saiyan.
  89. Piccule - A female Saiyan.
  90. Purika - A female Saiyan.
  91. Kaleaf - A female Saiyan.
  92. Kalif - A female Saiyan.
  93. Hemoro - A female Saiyan.
  94. Nazna - A female Saiyan.
  95. Shtoh - A female Saiyan.
  96. Meipo - A female Earthling.
  97. Sisitto - A female Earthling.
  98. Chicori - A female Earthling.
  99. Koyomi - A female Earthling.
  100. Hyaco - A female Earthling.
  101. Maimo - A female Earthling.
  102. Aloe - A female Earthling.
  103. Fira - A female Earthling.
  104. Legin - A female Earthling.
  105. Karen - A female Earthling.
  106. Ghetti - A female Earthling.
  107. Fud - A female Earthling.
  108. Una - A female Earthling.
  109. Yuren - A female Earthling.
  110. Zanilla - A female Earthling.
  111. Ojan - A male Earthling. (Elite Patroller)
  112. Chiko - A male Earthling.
  113. Jisabok - A male Earthling.
  114. Schatz - A male Earthling.
  115. Sunato - A male Earthling.
  116. DJ - A male Earthling. (Steve Aoki DLC)
  117. Tester - A Capsule Corp robot. (Advancement Test Desk)
  118. Torai - A Capsule Corp robot.
  119. Spots - A Capsule Corp robot. (Super Pack 2 DLC)

Taino Force Edit

  1. Taino (A female Majin Leader/Captain of the Taino Force)
  2. Thirith (A Capsule Corp robot)
  3. Iaas (A Frieza Clansman)
  4. Ukatz (A Namekian)
  5. Pima (A male Saiyan)

Cresso's Armored Squadron Edit

  1. Cresso (Leader/Captain)
  2. Flick
  3. Pepero

Romance Rangers Edit

  1. Ein - A female Majin.
  2. Maronica - A female Earthling.
  3. Sorama - A female Saiyan.

Seed Unit Edit

  1. Moheloya - A male Saiyan. (Captain)
  2. Saizer - A male Earthling.
  3. Seino - A female Majin.

Hero Society Edit

  1. Oba - A male Earthling. (Number 1/Elite Patroller)
  2. Biwasa - A female Saiyan. (Number 2)
  3. Moraska - A Namekian. (Number 3)
  4. Vuvuki - A Frieza Clansman. (Number 4)
  5. Sasana - A female Majin (Number 5)
  6. Hambuga - A male Saiyan (Number 6)
  7. Gogoh - A male Majin. (Number 7)
  8. Nit - A female Earthling. (Number 8)

Dragon Ball Online Squad Edit

  1. Male Martial Artist (1)
  2. Female Spiritualist (1)
  3. Male Martial Artist (Child)
  4. Dragon Clan member
  5. Child Warrior-type Namekian
  6. Male Martial Artist (2)
  7. Dark Warrior
  8. Male Swordsman
  9. Female Spiritualist (2)
  10. Mighty Majin Hero

Masters and allies Edit

Several characters from the past come to Toki Toki City in order to train or seek help from the members of the Time Patrol, as they do not want history destroyed either. However some masters like Cell, Frieza, Broly, Turles, and Lord Slug simply wish to use members for their own agendas, though are still willing to teach their techniques to promising members of the Time Patrol.

These characters include Future Trunks, Goku, Goten, Mr. Satan, Pan, Videl, Gohan (Adult & Kid), Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Gotenks, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Jaco, Raditz, Nappa, Broly, Turles, Lord Slug, Frieza, Dodoria, Zarbon, Captain Ginyu, Android 17, Android 18, Cell, Majin Buu, and Lord Beerus.

Dragon Ball Heroes Edit

Both Future Trunks (called Xeno Trunks) and Supreme Kai of Time represent the Time Patrol. When Masked Saiyan loses his mask, revealing himself to be Bardock, he becomes an ally to the Time Patrol (called Xeno Bardock). GT Goten is added as a member of the Time Patrol (becoming Xeno Goten), and can fuse with Xeno Trunks, resulting in Xeno Gotenks. Goku himself becomes a Time Patroller, gaining a completely new outfit and taking back his Power Pole (now called Xeno Goku). Later, Gohan becomes a patroller, now called Xeno Gohan. At unspecified time, Vegeta (called Xeno Vegeta) also joined, but he was captured by Demigra and turned into Black-Masked Saiyan, but he is eventually saved and brought back.

Trivia Edit

  • Both leaders of the first and second promotional heroes have notable physical traits of Goku, Dragon Ball's central protagonist and the leader of the Z Fighters.
  • It is presumed that the second hero is stronger than the first, considering the second's use of the Super Saiyan transformation and the fact that he saved the first hero from a dinosaur.
  • The second cinematic trailer is somewhat reminiscent to Goku's battle with Piccolo Jr. at the World Martial Arts Tournament, as it displays a Human (with Saiyan powers) and Goku's techniques fighting Namekian with powers similar to Piccolo's.
  • Technically Future Trunks did not break the law against the use of Time Machines because his use of the Time Machine was the first time distortion in the history of the universe and thus not against the law. It was only after this that the Supreme Kai of Time decided to forbid their use, though she allowed the changes in history caused by Future Trunks and Cell's use of Future Bulma's Time Machine to remain even though she could have erased them should she have chosen to. The Supreme Kai of Time later outlawed the use of Time Machines due to them upsetting the nature balance of the Universe, save for the specially designed Time Machines used by the Time Patrol which do not produce alternate timelines as Future Bulma's original Time Machine did.
    • It is revealed in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse that the Supreme Kai of Time tricked Future Trunks into believing that his use of the Time Machine was a sin and that the only way for him to atone for his transgressions was to come and work for her, though in reality the Supreme Kai of Time was simply in need of an assistant. Future Trunks however took her words seriously and proved himself to be a hard worker. She mentions to the Future Warrior that it wasn't actually a sin or against the law when Future Trunks used the Time Machine was the first time distortion in history, though she asks them to keep that information a secret from Future Trunks.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Elder Kai works alongside the Time Patrol and runs the Time Patrol Academy as an instructor. His role in Xenoverse 2 is similar to Future Trunks' role in Xenoverse as he hands out Time Patrol missions to the Future Warrior whom he sees as having great potential.

Gallery Edit