Template:Dragon Ball Series Characters Paopao is a boss character in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born as the inferior of two siblings, Paopao was constantly being overshadowed by her sister, who, according to Paopao, is a better fighter, looker, and lacks Paopao's distinctive accent. Because of this, Paopao constantly tried to prove herself in order to be accepted by her father, who clearly favored her sister over her. But no matter how often she fought others, she could not live up to her father's expectations.

Attack of the Saiyans Edit

Sometime after the defeat of King Piccolo (Age 753), Paopao attacks Orin Temple and defeats all the monks in it in an effort to prove herself, but is ultimately defeated by Krillin in the Bamboo Forest. When questioned about her reasons for attacking, she replies that she just wanted people to notice her.

Several years later, after the death of Goku (Age 761), Paopao is found training in the Sacred Land of Korin, striving to become good enough for a friendly rematch against Krillin.

Generic variants Edit

Two generic female enemies that are recolored versions of her appear later in the game: the Female Pupil and the Master.

Power level Edit

Her power level is 1,250 in the game.

Techniques Edit

  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of Energy Wave.
  • Ground Tremor – She takes out her sword, jumps into the air and slashes the ground, creating a large tremor which travels towards the enemy.
  • Sword Blast – She swipes her sword through the air, creating a large, red energy wave.