Kishime (キシーメ, Kishīme) was one of the three Bio-Warriors created by Dr. Kochin that serve Dr. Wheelo.

Appearance Edit

A truly hideous entity, Kishime is vaguely reptilian with green skin, pointed ears, and dorsal fins down his back, and is the smallest of the Dr. Kochin's three bio-fighters. He has the ability to sprout Electric Whips from his arms and chest, which can be used to shock an opponent.

Biography Edit

The World's Strongest Edit

When Dr. Wheelo wishes to test Master Roshi's strength, Dr. Kochin unleashes Kishime along with Misokatsun and Ebifurya into an arena where they battle Roshi. It is Kishime who dealt the finishing blow which defeats Roshi, shocking him with one of his electric whips. Later, after Goku has defeated Misokatsun and fought his way to the second level of Wheelo's fortress, Kishime joins Ebifurya in attacking the intruder. He proves almost impossible for Goku to hit, using the power of teleportation to avoid his blows. It is because Goku has been electrocuted by Kishime that Ebifurya is able to freeze the unprepared Saiyan.

When Gohan and Krillin arrive, Kishime attacks Gohan but is knocked aside by Krillin. Recovering, Kishime snares the two with his electric whips and shocks them repeatedly before throwing them into the air, where Ebifurya freezes them. Upon breaking free from the ice using the Kaio-ken, Goku knocks Ebifurya across the room with a single punch, and then circumvented Kishime's teleportation technique, dealing him a crushing blow to the back in midair during the Kaio-ken Finish.

Kishime is last seen lying on the floor dead with electricity sparking over his body.

Video games Edit

  • Dragon Ball Heroes

Kishime made his video game debut in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

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Trivia Edit

  • Just like Ebifurya, and Misokatsun, Kishime's name is a reference to the Japanese term for noodles made in flat strips, Kishimen.
  • Soba, the Yardrat who appears in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, looks very similar to Kishime. It is interesting to note that Kishime is known for his teleportation technique which resembles the Instant Transmission, the teleportation technique created by the Yardrats. Soba's name is also a reference to noodles.

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