Joshua The Legendary Ninja

Joshua The Legendary Ninja: The TV Show

Joshua The Legendary Ninja 2: The Ancestors

Joshua The Legendary Ninja 3: Batman's Revenge

Joshua The Legendary Ninja 4: Herobrine Attacks

Brick Joshua Show Seasons 3-8

Orange Ninja Show Seasons

Death Tokusentai Show

Unnamed Show


At 1% he can destroy a galexy

At 50% he can destroy a universe

At 100% he can destroy a multiverse


  • Flight
  • Hell's Punch
  • Super Hell's Punch
  • Summon Demons
  • Summon Angels
  • Summon Lightning
  • Summon Black Hole
  • Summon Tornado
  • Summon Hurricane
  • Summon Fire
  • Summon Tsunami
  • Summon Earthquake
  • Summon Ice
  • Summon Toxic
  • Execution Skills
  • Assassin Skills
  • Ninja Skills
  • Immortality

Arsenal & Equipment

  • Black Lightning Sword
  • Lightning Hole Sword
  • Black Lightning Gun
  • Lightning Hole Gun
  • Zeus's Lightning Bolt
  • Poseidon's Trident
  • Hades's Crown

Forms and transformations

Human Form

Demon Form

Angel Form

Deity Form


Joshua The Legendary Orange Ninja

Voice actors


List of Characters Killed by Joshua The Legendary Ninja


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