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Welcome to the Heroes Unite Wikia

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  • Breaking policies.
  • Abuse of user rights.
  • Offensive usernames. (sometimes)
  • Inserting false information
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Intimidating behaviour/harassment
  • Removing content from pages
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    Summary: Welcome to the Heroes Unite Wikia:
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  • new page Jeffrey Watson
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Jeffrey Watson is a Canadian actor and voice actor. He has done voice acting work in several anime dubs and video games for Calgary-based Blue Water...
  • new page Maxey Whitehead
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Maxey Whitehead (born on June 15, 1985) is an American stage actress and voice actress who works for FUNimation Entertainment. Biography Edit...
  • new page Justin Cook
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Justin Ryan Cook (born on April 4, 1982, in Lubbock, Texas) is an American producer, voice actor, line producer, ADR director, and engineer who works...
  • new page Andrew Francis
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Andrew Francis (born on May 27, 1985, in Vancouver) is a Canadian voice actor. He voiced Teen Dende for the Westwood dub of Dragon Ball Z. Some of...
  • new page Tabitha St. Germain
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Tabitha St. Germain (born in Boston, Massachusetts), formerly known by the alias of Paulina Gillis, is an American-born Canadian actress, voice...
  • new page Hiro Yūki
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Hiro Yūki (優希 比呂; born Teruhisa Tsuyusaki on February 13, 1965, in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor. He voiced teenage Dende, Sharpner,...
  • new page Aya Hirano
    created by Dbzgtfan 7 hours ago
    New page: Aya Hirano (平野 綾; born October 8, 1987, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and J-pop singer who has had roles in...

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