16 - 1


400px-Trunks del futuro


Trunks Adulto render

battle armor

Future Trunks XV Art

time patrol suit

Future Trunks (Super Saiyan)

ssj 1

Trunks (Super Saiyan 2nd grade)

2nd grade ssj 1


3rd grade ssj 1

5288403-future trunks ssj2 by hsvhrt-d56tbl5

ssj 2

SSR Trunks Dokkan1

ssj rage

SSJ 3 Trunks

ssj 3

Ssj4 future trunks by brolyeuphyfusion9500-d4si50u

ssj 4

Future trunks ssj5 by theothersmen-d4nx7q1

ssj 5

Super saiyan god future trunks by ssjakuma5-d7ex0f3

ssj god

Blu Trunks

ssj b

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