Froze (フローズ, Furōzu), the Frieza Clan Hero (ヒーロー), is one of the Frieza Clan classes in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Froze was designed by original author Akira Toriyama alongside the other two Frieza Clan avatars.

This class has a similar appearance to Frieza in his first form (Frieza's first form image is even shown overlining Froze in one of the trailers). In first alternate costume, his horns slant upward instead of the two sides, making him appear more similar to Frieza's second form, and the gem parts of his body are also spikier. In his second alternate costume, Froze appears still similar to Frieza's first form in shape, but with the colorations of Frieza's final form.

Name Edit

Like other members of his race Froze's name relates to the cold, with his name coming from the word "froze", which refers to something that has been frozen.

Biography Edit

Dragon Ball Heroes Edit

The Frieza Clan Hero first appears in the fourth trailer for the game, where he is traveling on an unknown planet inhabited by Toadmen. He is hit by a rock from a Toad boy due to being mistaken for Frieza himself. However, he ignores this even though slightly affronted, and walks onward. Eventually, Lord Slug and his henchmen invade the planet. The Hero (Froze) then defends the Toad boy from earlier from Wings' attack, before aiding Super Saiyan Goku and the Saiyan Hero Beat in defeating Lord Slug, finishing him off with a Death Wave.

Ultimate Mission Edit

In the Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission animation, Froze is seen fighting with Frieza in his final form. He and Frieza are interrupted in their fight when Legendary Super Saiyan Broly comes and knocks them both into a mountain.

Power Edit

In his Class-up state Froze proves to be stronger than Haze Shenron, but is quickly defeated by Super Haze Shenron. In his Super Class state however he is strong enough to easily defeat Super Haze Shenron, however he proves to be unable to damage Super Saiyan 4 Broly - even with his Spirit Excalibur technique.

Techniques and special abilities Edit

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Death Ripper (デスリッパー) – A special attack used by the Frieza Clan Hero in Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission.
  • Barrage Death Beam – A rapid-fire version of the Death Beam. Used as part of his ultimate attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Death Wave – The Hero Class member of the Frieza Clan uses this technique against Lord Slug in a Dragon Ball Heroes promo. The user charges up ki in their middle and pointer fingers in the form of an energy sphere on the tips of these fingers. The user then fires the energy in the form of a long blade-like energy wave.
  • Gigantic Meteor – A large green energy sphere attack fired from the user's hand.
  • Final Shine Attack - Froze can use the attack in-game.
  • Spirit Bomb – Like most avatars in the game, the Frieza Clan Hero can use the Spirit Bomb.
  • Tail Attack – Used against Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Victory Mission.
  • Death Ball – A powerful energy sphere attack used by Froze to defeat Beat.
  • Spirit Excalibur – After using Super Class-up, Froze attacks Super Haze Shenron with this technique.
  • Dirty Fireworks – Froze blows his opponent up with an explosive ki blast. Used to destroy Super Haze Shenron.
  • Super Class – Froze can become a Super Class Frieza Clan Hero. After being beaten by Super Haze Shenron, Froze uses this class-up and easily defeats the Shadow Dragon.

Deck Edit

Froze tends to use either a Frieza Clan-based team, or a Z Fighter based team. During his battle against Erito, Froze uses ChilledKing ColdSuper Sigma, and Golden Great Ape Goku. Against Beat, he uses GokuVegitoPiccolo, and Krillin. During his battle with Rezok, Froze uses several Cyclopian Guards as well as Meta-Cooler Core.

Forms and power ups Edit

Class-up Edit

Froze possess the Class-up state throughout most of his appearance in Victory Mission.

The Frieza Clan Hero can use the Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan 2 level of power.

Super Class-up Edit

After managing to free both Rezok and Mizore from the possession of Haze Shenron, the evil dragon transformed into Super Haze Shenron and overwhelmed Froze, in response Froze utilized the Super Class-up, powering up greatly and easily defeating Haze Shenron. Froze later used this state to fight Super Saiyan 4 Broly alongside Beat, however they were both easily defeated.

The Frieza Clan Hero can use the Super Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan 3 level of power.

God Class-up Edit

The Frieza Clan Hero can use the God Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan God level of power and gives him his own golden Ultimate Evolution form.

Video game appearances Edit

  • Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission
  • Dragon Ball: Xenoverse - the basic Frieza Clan custom character has the appearance of Froze. He also appears in promotional art and material.

Voice actors Edit

Gallery Edit

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