Chabo is a young boy from Gosa Village.

Appearance Edit

He is a small boy, with brown hair, and round eyes. He wears a green beanie, and an orange jacket.

After the timeskip he has grown much taller, and has grown his hair longer. He has a new hat with the kanji "今" (Ima) meaning "now", and a plaid shirt. He wears an apron that says "Bell Me'res" on it and has the symbol from Nami's tattoo and the Japanese word for tangerine "mikan" (みかん) underneath it. He wears light colored gloves and has a bandage on his left arm. He also wears cargo pants.

Personality Edit

After Fishmen killed his father, he wanted to kill Arlong to avenge his father's death. After mistaking Usopp for a fishman, Nojiko made him realize throwing his life away wasn't worth it, as there were people who cared for him.

Biography Edit

Arlong Park Arc Edit

He wanted to kill Arlong to avenge his father's death; Nami paid him and told him to leave. He later attacked Usopp, thinking that Usopp was a fishman (due to Usopp's long nose), but Nojiko stopped him. After returning to Nojiko's home, she told him not to throw his life away. She then asks if he has a mother to which he answers "yes". He was then sent on his way to her because she was most likely worried about him.

Later, the surviving Gosa Village residents called the Marines to help, the Marines arrived and Chabo announced to Nojiko and the Cocoyasi villagers what happened. The Marines fought Arlong, but it was all in vain. After the fall of Arlong Park, he decides to forget about avenging his father and celebrates with the rest of Cocoyasi Village.

Two Years Later Edit

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